for Women over 40 with Chronic Pain

If you have been struggling with overcoming your debilitating chronic pain symptoms and you are ready to get your life back, then you are in the right place!!

Angela suffered from debilitating chronic pain, PTSD, depression, and anxiety and struggled for years to find what truly worked to help her get back to living the life that she desired!! After years of searching, trying all the wrong things that left her in more pain, she gravitated towards yoga therapy and she finally felt that she found a holistic therapy that addressed ALL layers of being.

After studying and practicing yoga therapy for several years, she developed an online program so that other women over 40, who were also out there searching for a way to overcome their pain, could find what they needed in a step-by-step program they could complete in the comfort of their own home.

Because each of us are built so beautifully and uniquely different, Angela understands that the program needed to be developed in a way that supported all different body/mind types and experiences. It is a self-paced course, that is designed to keep you accountable, committed continuing to show up for yourself so you can start living the life you know you deserve!

You will have 3-9 months to complete 12 modules at your consistent pace, including:

  • Educational learning lessons to gain knowledge about what it means to have chronic pain
  • Guided meditations and mindfulness practices
  • Journaling exercises to support exploring your history and limiting beliefs
  • Low impact yoga practices to retrain the body in a safe, comfortable, and even pleasurable way
  • Learning lessons to understand your nervous system and techniques to turn ON your bodies ability to heal and repair itself
  • Supportive community and connections with other like minded women on the same journey
  • Weekly group coaching calls to connect with Angela to ask questions, find support, and resources

This program IS for you if you:

Are ready to LET GO of what no longer serves you!

Know that the road to success is windy but you are ready to stay the course!

Desire to learn how to finally get your body OUT of stress and INTO to balance!

Are coachable and willing to ask for support when needed.

Are tired of trying all the wrong things resulting in short term effects.

Are open-minded and motivated to learn how to live your BEST LIFE!

This program IS NOT for you if you:

Tend to have a victim mentality, blaming others, and taking little or no responsibility for your outcomes.

Are looking for a QUICK FIX and not interested in holistic and total health.

Don't have a willingness to be patient, kind, and compassionate throughout your journey.

Are not COMMITED, no matter what happens, to overcoming your chronic pain!

Are not open to new and different ways of doing things.

Aren't ready to step out of your comfort zone and into your POWER!

Frequently asked Questions

There are so many different styles of yoga and meditation out there. I totally understand where you are coming from with this questions because it is something I struggled with in my journey, too. I tried numerous different styles of yoga and meditation, but they were not geared towards a therapeutic application and especially for those with chronic pain. The yoga therapy practices we will be doing are fine-tuned to ensure the main awareness during practice is geared towards those with chronic pain. So, yes and no, it might be similar, but it is very different in the way we approach it.
No. You do not need to be flexible and able to put your body in a pretzel shape, or any specific shape. With therapeutic yoga, we meet your body where it is at and apply the principles you will learn about so that you can practice in a safe, comfortable and pleasurable way.
Depending on where you are at in your recovery, we can still apply practices, without needing to move physically. As your body strengthens and you have approval from your doctor to start exercise, then you could apply the practices that include movement. The practices during the program are put together to ensure you start out slowly and gently and build from there…so the answer is YES. You can still get started with the program, even if you are in the early stages of recovery.
During the onboarding process of the program you will be required to complete and submit an Intake Form. If you check off any physical ailment of concern, I will be in touch with you to figure out the best course of action. This might include a mandatory participation in the weekly group call, so I can give you specific advice on how to practice, or maybe I can set you up for success in one call. It will depend on your personal situation, but we will take the best and safest course of action so you can complete the program, even if you have a specific diagnosis. So again, YES, it is definitely possible for you to conquer chronic pain with a diagnosis, and I would always share with your GP what you intend to do, to make sure it is in alignment with your wellness journey.
Absolutely! You have 2 options - you can participate in the FREE WORKSHOP called "How I Healed my Chronic Pain with Yoga Therapy" to gain more knowledge before taking the leap OR you can sign up for a Breakthrough Pain Call with Angela if you feel like you are ready and you want to connect first with her, one on one so she can guide you to your next best steps

And for those of you who are READY to do what it takes to FINALLY commit to yourself, step into your power, and overcome debilitating chronic pain for GOOD, then here are the two payment options to get you started!!

If the financial aspect is getting in your way, just think about all the money you have spent ALREADY doing all the wrong things to overcome chronic pain. When you attend the FREE WORKSHOP, you will discover WHY those things are not working for you and HOW this investment could be your LAST big one, to FINALLY overcome chronic pain FOR GOOD! After all, you deserve it!

Yoga Therapy is all about bringing EASE to the body, which is the opposite of 'dis-ease'. With persistent practice and reflection, one can reverse the signs of 'dis-ease', the aging process, and suffering. All you have to do is GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY and step into YOUR POWER - let go of fear - because fear keeps you trapped and in pain. Believe in yourself and the process!

During the 3-9 month program, you will learn life-changing skills, techniques, and tools to use to continue to address all layers of your being, to find balance, peace, joy, and happiness! It will take perseverance, but in just a few months' time, you could FINALLY feel the benefits of this beautiful practice called Yoga Therapy, so you can get back to living, loving, laughing, and finding peace in the life that YOU DESERVE!!

How fast will I see results

As you do this focused, intentional, and honorable work on yourself, you can literally watch YOUR LIFE TRANSFORM in a matter of weeks! With committed positive intention, self-compassion and care, you could start feeling a shift into well-being in as little as 2-6 weeks. Some feel it in a matter of days! Each body/mind is individual and different, so honoring your process of unravelling in your time is paramount. Enjoy the journey!

Yoga philosophy speaks to the fact that when you turn your gaze inward and TREAT YOURSELF WELL, all other aspects of your life fall into an effortless journey of love, peace and ease. Step into the beauty of life.

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