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Welcome to your new beginning! From this moment forward, you have the opportunity to change your life. Whatever you dream of-prosperity, abundance, wellness, health, love, money, true happiness and peace-is yours. At Treat Yourself Wellness, we will show you how to manifest your dreams and start living your life to the fullest potential. 


Personal one on one consulting will break down your diet and find ways to add healthy habits to your life that improve your energy levels, healing capabilities, and overall wellness. Group seminars are also available. 


No matter what state you are in, we will meet your body/mind/spirit where it is at and kindly start the process of healing and rehabilitation back into living the life of your dreams. 


Aromatherapy with essential oils has been used for thousands of years. At Treat Yourself Wellness, we use the top of the line doTERRA products to soothe, treat and bring your body back into balance. All natural, topical, internal and aromatic uses. 

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Multi-style Yoga Classes

1 hour yoga classes are hosted Mon-Fri, for all levels, at the 108 Community Hall. Senior's, kid's, beginner's, intermediate classes are offered on a weekly basis. Click on the link to see class times. 

Yoga Camp Series

4,8, and 12 week yoga boot camps are hosted throughout the year. Registration is on a first come, first serve basis. There are a variety of camps to choose from. Foundational, beginner's and intermediate are a few of the camp themes. Stay tuned for the next upcoming spring yoga camp and register online!

Yoga Therapy

Using the world's most ancient wellness modality, we will assess your physical, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual, and intellectual needs. With gentle suggested therapies, using your breath, meditation, physical movement(stretching and strengthening) and manifestation(affirmations and intentions), we will find your body/mind/souls needs and desires and practice to bring them into fruition. 

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